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About the painter | T.M. de Bruin

Born on March 20, 1964 in a big family with four older sisters and two older brothers where my father earned the money as a textile worker. He was a hard-working man who worked for hours on end after the early shift to provide food. My mother was a woman with a photographic memory and very intelligent.

My father was a hard man on himself. His childhood was less enjoyable, because he already had to work in a labor camp for the Nazis from the age of fourteen. He was not asked if he wanted to do that. The choice was simple; he, his father or death.

For me, this meant that I was to go to work quickly after my school education. And that did not leave any time for my creative gifts to develop. I was already able to paint. At a later age, shortly after breaking up my relationship with a woman, I picked up the thread again and continued painting until now.

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